Alfenox is specialized in the manufacture and installation of all types of products Sash Aluminium, Iron, Steel and PVC, all of outstanding quality. Distinguishing several product lines:

Aluminum: window frames, ceilings, doors, windows, railings, porches, awnings, venetian blinds, blinds, shutters, modular divisions, shower doors, mosquito nets, repairs, curtain wall, various structures, etc..

Iron: fences, railings, gates, doors, stairs, furniture, decorative wrought-iron fences, repairs, different structures, etc..

Stainless:decor, furniture, railings, stairs, structures, doors, repairs, shower doors, gates, etc.. Finished in mirror polished, matte or satin finish.

PVC: all kinds of indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Glassware service: new, repairs and changes.

Automation and locks: Automation of doors, shutters, awnings, etc.. Engine repair.

Our products ensure total comfort.
For high damping of outside noise and to maintain an optimum temperature in your home, use wide variety of double glazing for better thermal and acoustic insulation.
Aluminum windows with thermal bridge that allows not only the home look totally soundproof, but feel the warmth of your home is maintained even if the winter is very cold and this will keep your house isolated from the high temperatures of summer.

The manufacture aluminum window profiles and the European fittings, lacquered in all colors and types of glazing.

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